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The Pain is Gone: Mitchell Piorkowski

Mitchell Piorkowski, a 57-year-old product engineer, didn’t know the exact sources of his aches and pains — he just knew that they hurt. The constant pain not only radiated through his body, but reached out into every waking hour of […]

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Degenerative Disc Disease: The Basics

Many spine problems begin with degenerative disc disease, which is simply the result of the normal wear-and-tear that your back experiences as you age. With time, intervertebral discs begin to deteriorate, and daily stresses on your back take their toll. […]

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Recent Study Shows Potential of Regenerative Stem Cell Treatment

Regenerative medicine is a new and exciting field, and the potential applications of adult stem cells — usually harvested from the patient’s own body — continue to be uncovered. A recent study from the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery […]

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New Study Tracks Lumbar Fusion Patients’ Results Over Time

A recent study published in the February 2014 issue of the journal Spine found improved long-term outcomes for patients with debilitating back pain who underwent minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (MITLIF). The research team, based at Oakland University in […]

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Better Every Day: Chris Catron

Chris Catron began experiencing back pain decades ago. He explains, “I was doing intensive labor jobs, and I was young, and had a new family. Instead of stopping and getting my back fixed, or letting it heal, I continued to […]

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